25 Best Dream 11 Prediction Telegram Channel [IPL 2023]

Dream 11 Telegram channels are getting mainstream attention because of the increasing popularity of Dream 11 among the Indian population. And Best Dream 11 Prediction Telegram channels are the need of the hour. Along with that you can try out some IPL Cricket Prediction Telegram channels as well.

Best Dream 11 Prediction Telegram Channel
Best Dream 11 Prediction Telegram Channel

Dream11 is a famous fantasy sports site based in India that lets users make virtual teams with real-life players from sports like cricket, football, basketball, hockey, and kabaddi. Then, the users can participate in different events and tournaments on the platform by using their teams to score points based on how the chosen players did in real-life games. Depending on the rules of the game, the users who get the most points win cash prizes or other prizes. Dream11 is known for being easy to use, having a wide range of games, and having a large number of users.

How to make a team in Dream 11?

Best Dream 11 Prediction Telegram Channel
Best Dream 11 Prediction Telegram Channel

Follow these steps to make a team in Dream11: 

1. Go to your Dream11 account and sign in. 

2. Choose the match you want to play from the list of matches that are going on or will be happening soon. 

3. You’ll be taken to the “Create Team” page, where you can see a list of all the people who can be chosen for that match. 

4. Make your team by choosing 11 players from both teams, including a captain and vice-captain, based on your money and the rules of the game. 

5. You can make a balanced and competitive team by using what you know about the players’ past achievements, their current form, the state of the field, etc. 

6. Once you’ve chosen your team, click “Save Changes” to confirm your choice. 

7. Once you’ve made your team, you can enter different contests by paying the entry fee with the money in your Dream11 account or by using one of the other ways to pay on the site. 

8. Wait for the real-life match to start, then use the Dream11 platform to track your team’s performance and see how your players are doing and how many points you’ve won.

During the current era, people are making good money and losing money in Dream 11 as well. It’s just about the proper knowledge about the game, match players, and lot of other things. And without proper knowledge, you can’t make big in anything. And here comes the set of Dream 11 Prediction Telegram channels. These Telegram channels offer not only prediction but a whole lot of knowledge to take the correct decision and win it properly.

List of Best Dream 11 Prediction Telegram channels

You can check the set of Best Dream 11 Prediction Telegram channels which are active, handled by experts and highly recommended by professionals.

Best Dream 11 Prediction Telegram channel NamesLinks
IHDFantasyGroup Link
CricGramGroup Link
Anurag Divedi Telegram ChannelGroup Link
Fantasy Cricket GuruGroup Link
CricInformerGroup Link
Possible 11Group Link
Crix11Group Link
Fantasy Cricket ExpectGroup Link
Prediction GurujiGroup Link
Fantasy Cricket Expert 2Group Link
Ashish Cricket:Group Link
Dream 11 Prediction Club RealGroup Link
Fantasy Cricket Dream TeamGroup Link
ड्रीम 11 फैंटेसी क्रिकेट टीम गुरु ™Group Link
Fantasy Cricket Teams Tata IPLGroup Link
Best Dream 11 Prediction Telegram Channel


If you know how to put together a good team, the IHDFantasy program is just what you need. This channel is run by IHDFantasy.com, and it helps users build better teams by giving them tips about their leagues. You can get the latest information about the games right away, and the channel also tells you a lot about each person on your team. The best part is that they set up free teams for people who use Telegram, so you don’t have to spend any money to join.

Group Link


Cricgram is a great Telegram group for people who like to play Dream11 Fantasy Cricket. If you want help making a good team, Cricgram has a service called Dream11 Team Prediction that can give you an edge over the other teams. Joining the Cricgram Telegram Channel can give you a lot of benefits, such as match previews, details, pitch conditions, squads, team news, likely starting XI, top fantasy picks, Dream11 team prediction, and captain and vice-captain choice. You can also join the Cricgram Facebook group to stay in touch with other cricket fans.

Group Link

Anurag Divedi Telegram Channel

Anurag Dwivedi is a well-known figure in the world of fantasy sports, and his accurate match picks are well-known. He shares his knowledge and experience with more than 5 lakh people who follow him on Telegram. He also makes regular teams to help people do well in their competitions.

Anurag likes to take risks, and he’s not afraid to put players on his teams who aren’t the favorites or who don’t fit the mold. If you like to play in smaller leagues with only three or four people, his teams can help you a lot.

Joining Anurag Dwivedi’s channel could be a good idea if you want to find out how players will do and stay up to date on the latest information. But it’s important to keep in mind that just copying and pasting his teams may not be a surefire way to win. Instead, learn from his teams and use your own imagination to make a winning team.

Group Link

Fantasy Cricket Guru

This Telegram channel has a top-rated cricket predictor who has gained a big following. They hold contests on different platforms and give subscribers valuable prizes like iPhones and LED lights.

With the IPL 2023 coming up soon, joining this channel will give you the most up-to-date information about the playing 11 and grand league teams. Join to stay up-to-date and get a head start on your competitors.

Group Link

CricInformer | Best Dream 11 Prediction Telegram Channel

Siddhant Tripathi, who goes by the name Cricinformer, is a well-known YouTuber in the world of fantasy sports. He is well-known in the community. Over 6.3 lakh people watch him on YouTube, and 4 lakh people subscribe to him on Telegram. 

Siddhant’s strength is that he can give you good advice on how to choose the right people for your team. He also gives thorough reports on the pitch and the conditions of the game, which can be very helpful for making a good team. So, if you want to improve your game and learn from an expert in the field, make sure to check out Siddhant’s YouTube account and Telegram channel.

Group Link

Possible 11

Possible11 has the biggest Telegram group for predicting Dream11 cricket teams. It is proud of the fact that it gives out information faster than any other channel, website, or app. If you join this Telegram group, you’ll be able to get the latest information on matches, injuries, playing11 lineups, and even the toss.

It posts the best Grand League (GL) and Small League (SL) teams on our page and gives away prizes every day worth up to 5,000rs. Its offers are open to everyone and give you a chance to win money every day. Even big games like the IPL, PSL, and ICC get special attention.

This Telegram channel, which has more than 20,000 active users, has helped many of our fans win money every day by using our Dream11 predictions. So, if you want to get ahead on Dream11 and improve your chances of winning, join Possible11’s Telegram channel today and start winning.

Group Link


If you want to do well at fantasy sports games like Dream11, Myfab11, Playerzpot, MyCircle11, BatBall11, etc., you need to know how players do. But it can take time to gather material from different places. Crix11 is great because it has everything you need for fantasy sports, including both domestic and foreign games.

Crix11 is the Best Dream 11 Prediction Telegram Channel because of the following:

  • We give you the best fantasy teams.
  • Talks about every dream sport.
  • Complete match details are provided.
  • There are previews of each match.
  • The best ways to put teams together are offered.
  • You can choose who will be captain and vice-captain.
  • Expert fantasy cricket and football experts cover all of the games every day. After the toss, the players on each cricket team are chosen.
  • Full match updates are given.
  • You can get pitch reports and pitch data.
  • There are weather reports because the weather has a big effect on how the pitch acts. Cricket teams that have won are recommended.
  • Teams from both the big league and the small league are mentioned. There are suggestions for Dream11 teams that are likely to win.
  • Experts at Dream11 look at each match.
  • Free stuff is given away.
  • Analysis of which team bats first and second is given.
  • With all of these features, there’s no question that Crix11 is the best Dream11 Telegram channel.

Group Link

How to Join a Telegram Channel?

How to join Telegram group
Best Dream 11 Prediction Telegram Channel

It’s simple and easy to join a Telegram group. First, you need to make sure that you have the Telegram app on your computer. Follow these easy steps once you have the app:

1. Open the Telegram app and sign in to your account.

2. Tap the magnifying glass icon in the upper right part of the main screen.

3. Type the name of the channel you want to join into the search bar.

4. You’ll see a list of channels with names that are similar to the one you want to join.

5. Tap the Join button at the bottom of the screen after you’ve chosen the channel. Congratulations! You have joined the Telegram group successfully.

You can also join a Telegram group by clicking on a link that someone else sends you. When you click on the link, the channel will open and ask you if you want to join.

How Can You Make Money from Dream 11?

Best Dream 11 Prediction Telegram Channel
Best Dream 11 Prediction Telegram Channel

To make money on Dream11, you have to take part in the platform’s events and win them by getting the most points out of everyone who entered. Here’s how to make money with Dream11: 

1. Choose 11 players from both teams in the future or current match to make a team. 

2. Pay the entry fee for any of the contests on the platform using your Dream11 account balance or one of the other payment methods offered on the platform.  After the match is over, the points your chosen players won will be added up and your team’s total points will be found. 

3. If your team gets the most points out of all the teams, you’ll win the cash prize, which will be added to your Dream11 account. 

Using the platform’s withdrawal tool, you can move your winnings from your Dream11 account balance to your bank account. 

Note that the amount of cash you can win relies on how much it costs to enter the contest and how many people enter it. Dream11 takes a small cut of your winnings as a fee, which is taken out of your account before the earnings are added.

What can you do with the Best Dream 11 Prediction Telegram Channel?

Best Dream 11 Prediction Telegram Channel
Best Dream 11 Prediction Telegram Channel

People who are interested in fantasy cricket and other sports on the Dream11 site can learn a lot from the Dream11 Telegram channels. These sources give users a wide range of information, such as match previews, playing conditions, pitch reports, team news, the likely playing XI, top fantasy picks, and Dream11 team predictions.

By joining the Best Dream 11 Prediction Telegram Channel, users can get access to useful information that can help them make better decisions when making their fantasy teams. This can help them win more in different leagues and competitions on the Dream11 app.

Also, some Dream11 Telegram channels offer free leagues, giveaways, and other perks to their followers, which can make the whole user experience even better.

In conclusion, Dream11 Telegram channels can be a great resource for fantasy sports fans. They can help them stay ahead of the game and make better choices when playing on the Dream11 platform by giving them timely updates and expert insights.

Important Information: This article is for educational and knowledge purposes only. We do not support any kind of betting or sources that give data about that. Any person will be solely responsible for his/her actions.

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